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Please note, due to the current situation we will not be fitting cabinets for the foreseeable future. We can however supply and deliver any cabinets in our range, for home fitting. Get in touch to find out more.

We sell the full range of Bratton sounds Cabinets for storing anything from 2 guns to 20. If you are fitting a new gun cabinet we offer a full fitting service that will take the guesswork out of ensuring you get police approval. We review your space and advise the best place for the cabinet to be fitted (the Metropolitan Police now have extremely strict rules and regulations relating to gun cabinets in the home) and then fit the cabinet, all in one visit.

Safe and secure gun storage in your home is subject to rigorous laws. You want absolute assurance that your guns cannot be accessed without your consent and knowledge, our gun cabinet service provides high quality storage and peace of mind.

Price of Fitting a Cabinet- Starts at £170.00

UK Law

Under UK law, guns and firearms must be kept in a lockable cabinet secured to a solid wall if you choose to keep them at home.

We can manage the entire process from identifying the best place to house your gun cabinet to assisting you with obtaining police approval.

There are other restrictions, you can find government guidance here. Hence, the reason many of our clients opt for our storage solutions



  Type Dimensions Price  

2 Gun break-down (SB2)

(H)839 x (W)268 x (D)244



2/3 Gun (ST3)

(H)1308 x (W)216 x (D)204



4/5 Gun (ST5)

(H)1308 x (W)268 x (D)244



4/5 Rifle (RD5)

(H)1308 x (W)268 x (D)320



4/5 Gun with 203mm shelf (SS5+)

(H)1515 x (W)268 x (D)271



4/5 Gun with 203mm internal locking top (SL5+)

(H)1515 x (W)268 x (D)271



6/7 Gun (ST7+)

(H)1308 x (W)407 x (D)271



6/7 Gun with 203mm shelf (SS7+)

(H)1515 x (W)407 x (D)271



6/7 Gun with 203mm internal locking top (SL7+)

(H)1515 x (W)407 x (D)271



9 Gun (ST9+)

(H)1308 x (W)407 x (D)346



9 Gun with 203mm shelf (SS9+)

(H)1515 x (W)407 x (D)346



9 Gun with 203mm internal locking top (SL9+)

(H)1515 x (W)407 x (D)346




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